De los rios también nacen olas

Installation view Spoiler, Berlin


Installation view HotMess, Berlin

Organic territories

Installation view Spoiler, Berlin

After Midnight

Installation view Lake Studios, Berlin


Installation view Schesischestr.38a, Berlin


Installation view Hochparterre, Berlin


After Midnight
Digital print on silk canvas | 250 x 133cm each
Installation view Lake Studio, Berlin 2018

After Midnight

It is now 2 minutes to midnight : the Atomic Scientists (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, january 2018) moved the Doomsday clock ahead 30 seconds, the closest we’ve been to midnight since 1953.

The statement explaining the resetting of the time of the Doomsday Clock notes: “In 2017, world leaders failed to respond effectively to the looming threats of nuclear war and climate change, making the world security situation more dangerous than it was a year ago—and as dangerous as it has been since World War II. The greatest risks last year arose in the nuclear realm. North Korea’s nuclear weapons program appeared to make remarkable progress in 2017, increasing risks for itself, other countries in the region, and the United States. Hyperbolic rhetoric and provocative actions on both sides have increased the possibility of nuclear war by accident or miscalculation ….

The images hang from the ceiling within the space, proposing an ambulation between them, creating an ethereal, labyrinthic and inviting structure. The silk allows them to slowly and slightly move, according to the passage of air in the room, enhancing the floating effect.
The proposition of a magnetic bug, a distorsion of physical laws.

What will happen after midnight?

After Midnight
Digital print on silk canvas | 250 x 133cm each
Scrolling, Scroll, Scrl exhibition views, +DEDE, Berlin 2018

with works in the back of Flavio Degen and Baptiste Roca

Studio exhibition view, Alicja Kwade Studio, Berlin 2019

with works of Alicja Kwade, Adrian Lohmüller, Adam Raymont, Adam Fearon, Baldassare Ruspoli, Calvin Sangster, Dora Durkesac, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Igor Bleischwitz, Jeremy Brann, Natalie Brück, Keegan Luttrell, Paulette Penje, Valentin Hertweck

After Midnight
Digital print on silk canvas | 250 x 133cm each

Digital print on silk canvas | 900 x 133 cm
Installation views Hot Mess, Napoleon Komplex, Berlin 2021


The fold as a multiverse, a proposition of the idea of infinity as the Aleph of Borges, the place where all places of the universe can be seen from all angles.

Hanging in swags from the ceiling and falling down into a heap of folds on the floor, a long print on satin silk shapes a motionless wave.

The silk is printed with the image of a photo of rumpled silk which itself is printed. We can catch within the image a glimpse of different places and organic matters. The infinitely large and the infinitely small. The image becomes a plasmic shape, a flexible cartography, a fluid fictively floating (print) and physically subject to the laws of gravity (silk).

Digital print on silk canvas | l240 x w180 x h280 cm
Installation views Spoiler, Berlin 2020

with works in the back of Real Madrid and Anselm Schenkluhn

De los rios también nacen olas (Waves are also born from rivers)
Digital print on satin silk imitation, made of recycled PET beverage bottles
L 375 x W 70 x H 250 cm
Installation views “Future Past Perfect”, Spoiler Aktionsraum, Berlin 2021
photo credits : Lorenz Fidel Huchthausen & Daniela Macé-Rossiter

De los ríos también nacen olas

« De los rios también nacen olas » (Waves are also born from rivers) brings you into the stream of a river, the idea of a river, or the dream of it.
The image is an analog photography of a river, digitalized and then stretched and deformed. Through this transformation, the grains of the film give a movement and a fluidity to the image itself. The fabric also draws a meander in space, which resonates like an echo to the image its supports, but also gives it a new dynamic, as it doesn’t follow the same curves.
The installation embodies the meander, also referring to the symbol of the snake, link between sky and ground, image of the infinite, and of the cycle of life and death.

Installation views “Future Past Perfect”, Spoiler Aktionsraum, Berlin 2021
With Emma Adler, Merle Dammhayn, Lena Marie Emrich, Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougård, Ada van Hoorebeke, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Florian Neufeldt, Felix Oehmann, Fabian Anselm Orasch, Martin Remus

photo credit : Lorenz Fidel Huchthausen

Organic territory #2
Metallic embroidery | 95 x 128 cm
Installation view Spoiler, Berlin 2020

Organic territories

“Organic territories” is a series of metallic embroideries of various sizes.

They are a reproduction of a drawing made from a picture of organic matter presenting a fractal structure. This particular one is made from a picture of a rosasite stone.

This transition process abstracts the original object by highlighting its structure despite its other characteristics. Like the artificial colorimetry of microscopic pictures, the colors are freely selected and don’t match with the original colors.
The embroideries find similarities with each other and form a new unity, like parts of a fictive explosion, with the inherent potential of an organic puzzle.