Upcoming :

September 2021
, solo exhibition, Morpho, Saint-Ouen, France

September 2021
FUTURE PAST PERFECT, group exhibition, Spoiler, Berlin, Germany

Hot Mess

Napoleon Komplex, Berlin

Group exhibition with Adrian Lohmüller, Ahmet Ögüt, Ahu Dural, Alicja Kwade, Allistair Walter, Amélie Riech, Anna Slobodnik, Artist on the Moon, Astvaldur, Baldassare Mario, Berenice Güttler, Cheonghye Sophia, Colette Vermeulen, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Dareos Khalili, Dora Durkesac, Dorothee Diebold, Douglas Auersperg, Ed Gill, Fabian Anselm Orasch, Franziska Harnisch, Fred Thackeray-Vincent, Gabriel Beçak, Gabriela Lesmes López, Gawie Joubert, Gregor Hildebrandt, Heyon Han, Jakub Kubica, Jan Kohlby, Johannes Schön, Julia Grybos & Barbora Zentkova, Julian Simon, Katharina Trudzinski, Keegan Luttrell, Lexia Hachtmann, Lovro Artukovic, Luca Longagnani, Maness, Maria Secio, Mark Walker, Mara Fortunatovic, Markus Gley, Massimiliano Rossetto, Mehtap Baydu, Michelle Chen, Nicoleta Auersperg, Nils Blau, Odey Curbelo, oona caix, Pätzug/Hertweck, Philip Topolovac, Roger Eberhard, Salvatore Siciliano, Super Model Services 3D, Satoko Kako, Sebastian Körbs, Sophie Erlund, Stefanie Egedy, Stephanie Cedeño, Stephen Kent, V3 & Humatic, Yolandé Gouws, Yvonne Adreini

curated by Yolandé Gouws & Vanja Zanko


Plans sur la Comète

Spoiler, Berlin

“Plans sur la comète” is derived from the French expression "tirer des plans sur la comète" which is the equivalent of the English expression “build castles in the air” (German: „Luftschlösser bauen“). It literally means: to make plans on the comet. The expression originates to the end of the 19th Century when a very bright comet could be observed from earth. The fact that the appearance of a comet seen from planet earth is an ephemeral incident whereas the idea of „making a plan“ requires time, as such is provoking an imaginative tension. It opens up a field of associative relations.
This so to say cosmic field is marked through the antagonisms of ground and air, reality and illusion, the possible and the impossible, space and outer space. Thus, it builds a bridge between the human being and his sense of an outside world. This sense - triggered by confusion and alienation - creates the imagination that is necessary to encounter the edges of these antagonisms.

The displayed artistic positions engage with different layers of perception and representations of reality. Engaging with different mediums the exhibition zooms-in and zooms-out on the relativity of what is certain. While cutting the edges of their mediums itself, the works allow the impossible to be possible; therewith they bring into being “plans sur la comète”.

Group exhibition with Emma Adler, Mathias Euwer, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Real Madrid, Anselm Schenkluhn


Studio Alicja Kwade Exhibition

Studio Alicja Kwade, Berlin

Group exhibition with Alicja Kwade, Adrian Lohmüller, Adam Raymont, Adam Fearon, Baldassare Ruspoli, Calvin Sangster, Dora Durkesac, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Igor Bleischwitz, Jeremy Brann, Natalie Brück, Keegan Luttrell, Paulette Penje, Valentin Hertweck

Scrolling, Scroll, Scrl

+DEDE, Berlin

Live Streams have allowed communities to follow events as they are happening live, as more and more platforms are proposing streaming tools, individuals around the globe are tuning in and tuning out, projecting themselves into a live reality. Those parallel realities created through the stream of data can be used as a tool for appropriation of public space but also as a dislocating mechanism for the surrounding environment hence creating another reality, one that resides lost in translation, in the fleetingness of the moment.

Group exhibition with Guilhem Causse, Flavio Degen, Yusuke Taninaka, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Baptiste Roca, Laura Yuile

curated by Tristan Deschamps



rs20, Berlin

Group exhibition with Esben Holk, Agne Juodvalkyte, Zoë Claire Miller, Peter Odinzow, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Björn Streeck, Oystein Aasan, Lotta Bartoschewski, Felix Becker, Samantha Bohatsch, Lena Marie Emrich, Mathias Euwer, Josephine Hans

curated by Lena Marie Emrich

It’s hot! It’s lake time!

Lake Studios, Berlin

Group exhibition with Michael Augustinski, Kaouro Shibuta, Daniela Macé-Rossiter (photo above), Dominique Kleiner

Performances by Nobutaka Shomura and Kazuma Glen Motomura

curated by Marcela Giesche


Sur Rendez-Vous

Galerie Arnaud Deschin, Paris

Group exhibition with Jeunghae Yim, Marcus Kreiss, Stella Sujin, Constance Camus Govoroff, Catalina Niculescu, Laura Lindlief, Hélène Garcia, Tiphaine Calmettes, Sophie Kitching, Marc-Antoine Serra, Lucille Uhlrich, Anne Le Troter, Ibai Hernandorena, Nicolas Milhé, Bertrand Lacombe & Sophie Dejode, Francisco da Mata, Vincent Ceraudo, Eleonor Klène, Cyril Verde, Xavier Mary, Vincent Ganivet, David Evrard, César Chevalier, Art Dech, Cécile di Giovanni, Cima Rahmankhah, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Ghislaine Vappereau, Sophie Boursat, Rémy Brière, Jérôme Cavaliere, Véronique Bourgoin, Philipp Schwalb, Marcel Huppauf, Matthieu Clainchard, Jonas Locht, Michael Debatty, Georges Autard, Quentin Spohn, Baptiste Rabichon, Nicolas H Muller, Laurent Perbos.

curated by Arnaud Deschin



Schlesischestr.38a, Berlin


Hochparterre, Berlin 

with Daniela Macé-Rossiter and Veronika Schumacher



Studio Chérie, Berlin

Installation by Daniela Macé-Rossiter

Performances by Shiri Lukash & SoRA, Derck Litte & Robin Koek, JØRCK

curated by Astrid Rostaing